Paul Fisher 

The Palm Beach Bujinkan Dojo was founded in 1990 by Paul Fisher, the year he passed his Godan test and received his full teaching license in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. He holds the rank of Jugodan and the titles of Dai-Shihan and Yuushu-Shihan. Paul began training in the Bujinkan in 1983 and was a student of Charles Daniel.  He has trained regularly in Japan, once or more almost every year since 1990.

Paul Fisher is an art dealer and gallery owner that represents some of the world’s leading artists and he is also the founder of Juried Art Services, the leading company of it’s type in the art world. He is also passionately involved with wildlife conservation and is professionally involved with the Rare Species Conservatory Foundation, the Gorilla Foundation and the Marshall Everglades Foundation.


Alex Valhuerdi

Shidoshi (5th Dan)

Shidoshi Alex Valhuerdi has been a deeply engaged participant and skilled mentor in the martial arts community since the early 1990s. He is also a professional educator and an authoritative historian, contributing significantly to the enrichment and preservation of martial arts heritage.

David Ferrer

Shidoshi (5th Dan)

Shidoshi David Ferrer has been honing his skills since 2005 in his home country, Venezuela. Since then he had the opportunity to train and learn from multiple representatives of the Bujinkan tradition in the world and continues his training under the instruction of Dai Shihan Paul Fisher, in West Palm Beach, FL.

In addition to his martial arts expertise, he holds a Master's degree in Corporate Communication and presently applies his knowledge professionally in this field.

Luis Orozco

Shidoshi Ho (4th Dan)

Luis started studying Martial Arts in 1998 at the Bujinkan Kiryu Dojo in Caracas, Venezuela, since 2023 he has become an active member of the West Palm Beach Bujinkan Dojo and is a direct student of the Dai-Shihan Paul Fisher. Luis graduated in Structural Engineering and Architecture and is passionate about art. He is highly experienced in the world of contemporary art, particularly public art, museum and gallery exhibitions of contemporary sculpture, and large-scale architectural installations.